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  • SOLD OUT - April 23, 2021

Wildflower Walk at Big Ivy and Douglas Falls

A fun stroll through Big Ivy with wildflower guru Scott Dean

Quick Details

COVID compliance: Guests drive a personal vehicle to the meeting location and to the hiking trails, safely following the guide’s vehicle and practicing social distancing throughout the tour. Guests bring their own waters and lunch.

Tour time: Meet your guide at 9:00 am, guests bring their lunches to eat around 12:00 and walk ends around 1:00 or 2:00 pm.

Meeting location: TBD: email will be sent to guests beforehand

Difficulty: Easy forest walk. Expect fairly flat trails with some uneven terrain.

Required footwear: Sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots, rubber outsoles (recommended)

Recommended clothing: Rainwear (either rain jacket or poncho); multiple layers (for chilly mornings and higher elevation destinations)>

Recommended personal items:  Water, food, Ziploc bag or dry bag (to protect items, such as small electronics, from rain), Ziploc bag (to dispose of any potential litter items, such as food wrappers), cloth face covering (for restrooms stops)

What’s provided: Hiking poles, poncho in case of light rain, and a great time!

Rain policy: Our early morning departure helps us avoid the afternoon rains. Nonetheless, many guests have an excellent time in the light rain, under the forest canopy. In case of heavy rain or inclement weather, full refunds are provided.

Gratuity: Gratuity is not included and always appreciated!


Wildflower Walk with Scott Dean at Big Ivy and Douglas Falls

Enjoy a leisurely stroll with wildflower expert Scott Dean in the gorgeous moist cove forests of Big Ivy. This lesser known area of Pisgah National Forest has old growth forests boasting spring ephemeral flowers you won’t want to miss!

Scott has over 25 years guiding wildflower hikes in Western North Carolina. His stories and folklore about our flora are wildly entertaining and educational.


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