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Our Blog: Natural Notes

About Asheville Hiking Tours

About Asheville Hiking Tours, all things travel, fun, hiking and nature in Asheville. Asheville Hiking Tours is an outdoor tour company in Asheville.

A Guide Looks Back at His Favorite Hiking Tour Experiences

by Randy Sarton, Ecotour Guide for Asheville Hiking Tours During much of year 2020, Asheville Hiking Tours and its guides were forced to take a “sabbatical” due to the shutdown caused by the Covid virus.  The breather that stemmed from this extraordinary series of events provided me with the opportunity to review the hundreds of…

How to Start an Outdoor Tour Company

by Jenny Gruhn, Owner, Asheville Hiking Tours Launching Asheville Hiking Tours has been a favorite turning point in my life. The tourism industry is a great one to be in, because it attracts fun and positive people, allows for a flexible work schedule as well as endless creativity as you design tours. I was interviewed…

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