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Asheville Group Activities

Group Hiking, Sightseeing, and Corporate Tours.

Corporate Group Tours and Large Group Activities

Looking for fun group activities in Asheville that show off the beauty of Western North Carolina? Look no further! We have multiple years of experience organizing professional and scenic tours. Our guides weave together scenic hikes with captivating stories, creating meaningful experiences in a beautiful landscape. We provide up to 4 guides to accommodate larger parties (up to 65 guests total) and can stagger groups to keep the experience intimate. We also provide transportation: ask us if you have a special request for luxury Mercedes Sprinter vans!

Tour size:

10 and fewer guests: Small Private Tours Booking and Pricing, including transportation

11-21 guests: Book online now at $135/person including transportation

22-65 guests either including or excluding transportation: Prices as low as $35/person excluding transportation. Please call for a quote!


Asheville Hiking Tours customizes tours of natural attractions outside of Asheville, including scenic areas on the Waterfalls and Blue Ridge Parkway Tour, Pisgah National Forest, and Dupont State Forest. *GROUP TOURS CANCELLATION POLICY: Group tours cancellation policies may differ from our other tours. Please inquire.

Make the most of your group’s time with an Asheville, NC hiking experience!



Tour details

  • Tours generally conducted over 4-5 hours with extra time to greet and return with guests
  • Includes permit fees and multiple insured, permitted and CPR-certified guides
  • Recommended morning departure to avoid traffic on roads and trails
  • Transportation is optional. If parties have their own transportation, rates are reduced.

Group Tour Option 1: Waterfalls and Blue Ridge Parkway Tour 

Guests experience the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway with stunning panoramic mountain views of Appalachia. We appreciate the ability to see across the entire state of North Carolina, from the Smokies in the west to the foothills in the east! We head towards the “Land of the Waterfalls” in Pisgah National Forest to visit 3+ waterfalls, including the must-see Looking Glass Falls and a natural waterfall slide, Sliding Rock. We visit at least one additional waterfall on a wooded hike that shows off older trees and trout streams. This area is abundant in waterfall hikes, so we choose trails based on the ability of the group and time constraints (generally either Moore Cove Falls or Daniel Ridge Falls, both easy and around 1.5 miles). We may also choose a moderate to advanced mountaintop hike, if guests prefer additional views. This is a favorite tour, because you get the best views and most waterfalls with little highway driving! (Driving time for this activity, coming from downtown Asheville, approximately 12 minutes to Blue Ridge Parkway, and 1 hour of scenic driving along Parkway to waterfalls. Not suitable for buses. 15-passenger vans permitted. This area is subject to afternoon crowds, so we encourage a morning tour, or we adjust the route in the afternoon to visit alternate waterfalls besides Looking Glass and Moore Cove Falls.)

Group Tour Option 2: Folk Art Center and Blue Ridge Parkway Hike

On a drive along the historic Blue Ridge Parkway, we ascend the Craggy Mountains north of Asheville. On route, guests have the option to visit the cherished Folk Art Center, home to an arts and crafts museum and store full of ceramics, quilts and wooden pieces. We continue our journey to Craggy, where we capture long-range views that overlook the Smoky Mountains. On a 2-mile round-trip hike (rated easy to moderate), we discover the magical high elevation forests, full of blueberries in late August. The hike includes a scenic gazebo, a historic picnic shelter constructed by the CCC and finally a high elevation field with panoramic vistas. Guides share with the guests the history of the area, from the Cherokee and early settlers to more recent Blue Ridge Parkway construction. This is a favorite tour, because you get the best views with the least overall driving time! This tour can also be shortened to 3.5 hours. (Driving time for this activity, coming from Asheville = approx. half hour each way)

Group Tour Option 3: Scenic Waterfall Hike at Dupont State Forest

Guests visit the southern edge of the “Land of the Waterfalls” on the well-maintained trails of DuPont State Forest. Experience a stunning 2-mile, downhill hike (rated easy). We view at least 2 gorgeous waterfalls, including High Falls, Triple Falls (and Hooker Falls, time-permitting). This area has some of the tallest and most impressive waterfalls in Appalachia. Guests appreciate the steep cascades broken up by periods when we walk alongside a meandering trout stream. If guests can be patient during the drive, the trail pays off! (Driving time for this activity, coming from Asheville = approx. 1 hour 10 minutes of highway driving each way. This drive is subject to afternoon traffic issues, so we strongly encourage a morning tour.)

School Group Hike in the Appalachians

Discover Asheville's Waterfalls & Wildlife!