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Asheville Nature Fest 2019


At this year’s Nature Fest, parents have the opportunity to “shop around” for their kid’s nature-based education. Asheville Hiking Tours is partnering with The Asheville Farmstead School to bring a new mission to Nature Fest 2019. This year, the event focuses on the range of environmentally-based schools and opportunities available across Asheville. Parents can “shop…

The Smoky Mountain Elk Rut

Bull and Cow Elk Nuzzle Panorama

You came early to drink and socialize. You look around. The competition hasn’t arrived. Then, there she is. She catches your eye from afar. Petite, gentle, somewhat coy, you approach and see if romance might be in the air. No, we are not talking about a bar in the hopping town of Asheville, North Carolina….

How to Start an Outdoor Tour Company


Launching Asheville Hiking Tours has been a favorite turning point in my life. The tourism industry is a great one to be in, because it attracts fun and positive people, allows for a flexible work schedule as well as endless creativity as you design tours. I was interviewed about the process of starting Asheville Hiking…