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Our Blog: Natural Notes

Asheville Hiking Guide

Health Benefits of Hiking: Why You Should Lace up Your Boots and Hit the Trail

Whether it’s looking out the office window, eating lunch in the courtyard, or setting out on a weeklong backpacking trip, people find solace in the tranquility found in nature. Regardless of your hiking skill level, from seasoned-pro to never-been-on-a-trail, you’ve probably experienced the joy that comes from spending time in nature.  On a deep level,…

A Guide Looks Back at His Favorite Hiking Tour Experiences

by Randy Sarton, Ecotour Guide for Asheville Hiking Tours During much of year 2020, Asheville Hiking Tours and its guides were forced to take a “sabbatical” due to the shutdown caused by the Covid virus.  The breather that stemmed from this extraordinary series of events provided me with the opportunity to review the hundreds of…