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Firefly Tour with Forest Walk – SOLD OUT FOR 2022

Firefly Tours are a fleeting few weeks of blue ghost fireflies and other nightlife!

Quick Details


Tour Date: Tour dates will be determined once the 10-day Weather Forecast is published. These tours are nonrefundable, and therefore only those guests with the ability to travel last-minute are encouraged to book. A placeholder of DECEMBER 1, 2022 will be used (book your tour for this day) until we get a chance to reschedule the tours for the very end of May or very beginning of June. We expect most tours to occur around the last week of May 2022. We are permitted to guide tours only Monday through Thursday nights.

Why wait for the 10-day Weather Forecast? Fireflies are sensitive to cold weather and rain, which has disrupted viewings in previous years. Therefore, we are scheduling tours based on the weather – much like the fireflies schedule their appearance!

Tour time: 8:15 pm to 11:45 pm

How to Book: Each guest can book only 1 Firefly Tour ticket, so that each person receives important confirmation e-mail information, and so that we have a direct phone number to contact you before the tour. We also have a series of questions and answers that must be answered honestly by each guest so that Firefly Tour policies are understood.

Confirmation phone call: Each guest must participate in a phone conversation well before the Firefly Tour date in order to confirm that Firefly Tour policies can be followed.

Best viewing: Firefly viewings are similar each night.

Meeting location: We meet approximately 1 hour outside of Asheville; location provided once booking.

Transportation: Transportation to the final Firefly Tour location is not included; each person drives his or her vehicle to the final destination, after meeting.

Restrooms: Restrooms are available at the meeting location.

Ages: 14+ years old age requirement. We are not permitted to take younger kids on this tour due to safety issues.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate hike 1.5 miles long with numerous stumps, roots and stairs we carefully navigate at night. We cannnot accommodate guests with injuries or health issues for this remote, nighttime tour. A moderate level of fitness is required.

Should I bring a chair? No, please do not bring a chair. We do not sit in chairs for this tour but rather appreciate the fireflies while quietly standing on the trail.

What to wear: Please do not wear sandals, permeable shoes or white shoes. The trail often has mud and mud puddles difficult to see at night. Dress for a true hike deep into the forest. Pants and close-toed shoes required for safety! Jacket and raincoat recommended.

What’s provided: Red flashlights.

Cameras: Photography and videography is not allowed on these tours. Any small light or flash disturbs the fireflies.

Person (Ages 14+)

Discover the uniqueness of Appalachia’s fireflies!

We must keep our firefly tour location secret. For additional information about opportunities to see blue ghost or synchronous fireflies, with locations, please visit here.